2808 Fifth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103
Phone: (619) 857-2219
Email: girlygirlyfurniture@yahoo.com


girly girly in San Diego

girly girly

Located at 2808 5th Ave. in Bankers Hill, just north of downtown San Diego ... We paint everything. I remember ten years ago, people said painted furniture is out ... I never thought that ... It's just as big as ever. I have this design philosophy: it does not have to be expensive to be gorgeous. Vintage and antique quality furniture is all I buy, and always at a great price. And after I paint them and change the knobs, it's the clients that always benefits the most, because you get an incredible one of a kind piece, built in a age of incredible quality with incredible materials. The wood we use today is nothing like the maple, oak, pine and mahogany the furniture pieces were made with, in the 1900's, 1920's and 30's.

to designers

I am expanding my business to include shopping and painting furniture for designers. I want to bring my knowledge and skills of finding incredible furniture pieces at consignment stores, antiques malls, thrift stores and yard sales to the designers. I can find the pieces that you need, and paint them to your specifics. Mostly in my shop. I paint white. I love "Shabby Chic"; Classic shabby chic, white furniture with pastel colors light blue, light pink and light green. But whatever style you like to call it Cottage, french country , beachy, tuscan or shabby chic, at girly girly we bring painting furniture to new heights. I paint everything. I paint kitchens, bathrooms, beds and bedrooms. I paint end tables, vanities and chairs. I paint kitchen tables, kitchen cabinets and patio benches. I will paint your mirrors, your pictures frames. I paint murals: Beautiful murals. I can paint anything a circus room, a Disney theme, a Italian landscape.. OOH.. I love to paint chandeliers…PINK… Ooh la la…I paint San Diego … What can I paint for you ?

girly girly in San Diego
Rocking chair at girly girly in San Diego

the power of pink

Girls are obsessed with pink: me too. Pink is a very friendly color. I know that pink is powerful. At girly girly, I love to paint furniture pink. Where else can you buy pink furniture? Only the cutest and the girliest pieces get painted pink. The furniture tells me "paint me pink." Little rocking chairs always say " paint me pink". The cutest crystal chandeliers are painted pink. I always have one in my shop.

about Rob

Owner and artist Rob "girly girly" Harter ... in the 60's I loved the white princess bedrooms of my next door neighbors. In the 70's,I painted classic oils and pastels and won many art contests. In the 80's, I acquired two degrees a BFA in illustration from Kansas City Art Institute and BA in interior design from the University of Texas. In the 90's I was an art director in New York City for several huge advertising firms. In the early 2000's I painted crackled sunflowers on found furniture and sold them in LA. And for the past ten years I have been decoratingshabbychic ... at girly girly in the most beautiful city in America ... San Diego.

Rob at girly girly in San Diego