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girly girly in San Diego

Dressers, vanities, headboards, tables, and more! I love furniture.

girly girly pieces are high end and one of a kind. Most are antiques built in a age of incredible quality with incredible materials. All are painted with love ... in any color.

Complete the transformation with colorful stylish door pulls such as pink or clear glass knobs, or our speciality ceramic rose drawer pulls. Gorgeous!

What can I paint for you?


Bedrooms are all about the drama with the tall headboards and stacked pillows. This was a very large bedroom with my favorite bed ... a king size bed.

Both the headboard and the foot board were dark brown and exactly the same size, 6' tall, which is unusual. It is very difficult to find tall vintage headboards, that is why this one was so special. Often I find the double headboards (there are no queen antique beds) and hang them on the wall to get the height and the drama needed for decoratingshabbychic.